At the age of 25 I had my B.A  with honors, an apartment in the city and a full-time job.

While I was moderately successful, I always felt that I was capable of doing more but it didn’t show in my results.

At 25 I was exposed to personal development materials and I loved the idea that I could change my results by implementing a small change in my actions, but I found it hard to believe I was wealthy when my banker called me monthly due to debt, or feel like I'm in a meaningful relationship when sleeping alone every night.

I decided to investigate the subject and I offered my translation and transcription services to the best international trainers. While working together I asked many questions and received amazing advice. These advices changed my life – I’ve doubled my income and I'm in a meaningful relationship because I learned how to recognize what I truly want and to attract it. I am living my dreams because I learned how to develop the right thinking and implement the right actions