DanaTranslators who?

DanaTranslators is a vibrant boutique translation company that has been providing our clients with high quality translations for 10 years. DanaTranslators is a small, family-owned business with resources and flexibility to provide you with the very best in specialized, personalized service. We at DanaTranslators believe that your marketing materials are a representation of you and that there is only one chance for you to make a good first impression; this is why we are here. We are committed to providing you with the best service and the best product, so you can grow your business and represent yourself with dignity throughout the world.

What are the advantages of using DanaTranslators?

  • All of our translators at DanaTranslators are native speakers (and can thus translate your materials in the most appropriate way, ensuring that you can communicate to your target audience).

  • All of our translators at DanaTranslators have an academic degree.

  • All of our translators at DanaTranslators have at least five years of professional experience in the field.

  • All of our translators at DanaTranslators are full-time translators.

What does DanaTranslators assure its clients?

  • Professionalism: High quality translations

  • Speed: Immediate attention to your project and a timetable agreed upon in advance

  • Confidentiality: All of your materials will be kept confidential

  • Satisfaction guarantee: Any adjustments will be made with no extra charge

  • Personal Project Manager: For each project.

What services does DanaTranslators provide?

  • Translation & transcription of written / recorded / filmed materials

  • Translation & transcription of live events – by headphones / screen

  • Editing of written text

  • Copywriting for international companies on websites / marketing materials

  • Translation & composition of subtitles for movies / video clips

  • Making and editing of video clips

  • Specialized translations of materials such as CVs/ resumes


Which languages DanaTranslators translate?

DanaTranslators works with many languages, such as Hebrew, English (US/ UK), Arabic (several dialects), Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish (Argentina/ Peru /Spain), Japanese, Turkish, French, Amharic, Hindi, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Armenian, Hungarian, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese (Portugal/ Brazil) and more.

 Who are DanaTranslators clients?

Our company has satisfied clients all over the world including: international coaches such as Bob Proctor (“The Secret”), Nik Halik (“The Thrillionaire”), Robert Shemin (Fox and CNN bestselling author) international companies such as WorldVentures and Aventura Dance LTD, cosmetics companies such as MaBelle and On Macabim, real estate companies such as The Millionaires Club and ReaLife and many more. To view recorded testimonials from our clients at www.DanaTranslators.com.

Why human translation when we have programmed automatic translation?

Despite the utility of those programs, most of these translation software works automatically. Thus, such programs frequently fail to identify words with double meanings or to capture the true meaning of the writer.

Moreover, translating with automatic programs does not provide a guarantee that the level and quality of your translation is appropriate, since automatic translation is unable to distinguish between meanings, it can’t help compose written materials in the most suitable way for each specific audience. Finally, automatic translation software does not provide a review service or a resource that answers questions. Sometimes, as they say, “The cheapest – is the most expensive.”

Why a translation company and not a freelance translator?

Though freelance translators can be less expensive, there are disadvantages to using their services: (A) There are no guarantees of the experience or background of the translator (B) there are no ways to check the translations without hiring an outside consult (C) there is no way of getting ahold of an unresponsive translator (D) freelance translators have been shown to provide lower quality work than translation companies with in-house editors. E. Freelance translator can sometimes not be available for days, and you can find yourself stuck in a middle of a project with no one to turn to…


Why is DanaTranslators the best company for me?

  1. All of DanaTranslators translators are native speakers.

  2. All of DanaTranslators’ translators have at 5+ years of experience in the field.

  3. All of DanaTranslators’ translators hold an academic degree.

We pride ourselves in the abilities of our staff and the quality of our work.

 How much will it cost me to translate with DanaTranslators?

We at DanaTranslators want to give you the best possible price for the best possible translation. Send an email with your translation needs to DanaTranslators@gmail.com and we’ll provide you a free quote within 24 hours.

How may I pay for DanaTranslators services?

DanaTranslators accepts the following payment methods: PayPal, credit card, bank transfer and cash. Once the payment is received a receipt is immediately sent via email / post.

 When can I expect my translation to be ready?

Once a new client contacts us at DanaTranslators, we assign a personal project manager to review each project and work with the client to set the best-personalized timeframe for all parties.

 How can I make sure that my translation is as accurate as possible?

DanaTranslators sends each and every project to two translators: one translates and the other edits the translation. This way we ensure the highest possible quality

OK, got it. How can I move forward with DanaTranslators?

Please send materials (in PDF/ Microsoft Word/ hard copy) to DanaTranslators@gmail.com for a free price quote and timeframe, to be sent within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). With client confirmation, DanaTranslators can get to work right away!


How can I contact DanaTranslators?