About Us

About Us

The idea of Dana Translators was hatched after I had been translating marketing materials for various translation companies. Whenever I checked a translation I had received, I discovered that it was full of proofreading errors and mistakes in grammar, which caused me and my colleague’s great embarrassment, not to mention the loss of revenue.

Apparently many companies, in order to save on costs, employ translators who do not speak the target language as their mother tongue nor do they understand the target culture. As a result, the level of translation received is rather inferior, detached from the text and it does not correctly convey the intended message.

This lack of professionalism has been the leading cause of our failure abroad (since there is no second chance to make a good first impression) and it took me a long to realize that the reason was due to inaccurate translation that did not convey the intended message at the highest possible level and in the most appropriate style.

With time, I decided to set up a network of translators whom I knew could perform the highest quality work.

Dana Translators currently employs translators from around the world who have passed entrance exams and who undergo random quality and professional checks.

In addition, all translators translate into their mother tongue, have academic degrees and professional experience of at least 5-6 years. Thus, the translations of Dana Translators are of the highest standard in the international translating market today.

Since we are a boutique company we can afford to invest more in on our clients.

  • Corrections at no extra cost
  • Material checked by second translator
  • Assignment of personal project manager to each project
  • Warm and loyal relationship

Please fill in your details and we will be happy to assist you in any of your translation and transcription needs.


Best regards

The Management Team of Dana Translators