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Professional Translation

of written, recorded or filmed materials, including: Legal, marketing, technical and literary translations.

Such as: books, websites, CV, marketing materials, legal documents and more… 


for businesses protocols, court (including deposition), simultaneous translation and transcription in live events and webinars (speech, written, headphones).

Such as: legal evidence, hearings, private phone calls, meetings protocols and more…

Text Editing

Re-writing materials to suit different needs such as marketing needs, legal needs, sales needs and more… 

Text Proofreading

Grammar check, spelling, phrasing using “Track Changes” for important written materials. Such as: Websites, CV, books, legal documents and more… 

Subtitle Assimilation

In clips and movies (in compliance with the Accessibility Act, within the film/clip/SRT file)

What are the benefits of Dana Translators:

Dana Translators' translators are unique:

Some of the languages the company works with:

Ukrainian, Italian, Amharic, English, Bulgarian, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Hindu, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Japanese, Nepalese, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Persian, French, Romanian, Russian and more…

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