Why Human Translation-?

Why Human Translation-?

A few years ago, when we opened our business, DanaTranslators, which aims to provide a high level of translation done by true professionals at maximum speed, many people questioned us entering this field, when nowadays anyone can translate for free using the various programs and services available online.

As a result, we decided to go out and conduct our own investigation into the true value of a personal human translation in comparison with automatic programs and applications.
We wrote a simple letter from a daughter to her mother, and translated it in one of the most commonly used free translation sites.

We wrote the letter in Hebrew, and translated it into English. We did so in order to see how the automatic sites translate words with double meanings. Here is the original letter in Hebrew, followed by its human translation, and then contrasted with the automatic programed translation, complete with all the mistakes of the multiple-meaning words.

The Original Letter in Hebrew:

“אמא היקרה, את החברה הכי טובה שלי, ולכן רציתי לספר לך מה קרה לי בול לפני יומיים. רציתי להכין ביצים קשות, אבל הביצים שהיו לי בבית לא מצאו חן בעיניי אז טסתי מהר לסופר סל הקרוב, וקניתי ביצים עם הכסף שהיה לי . חזרתי הביתה, עשיתי את הביצים שזכרתי שעשית בבית פעם, ושלום על ישראל יצאה לי שקשוקה פצצה! סוף הדרך! תודה על הכל אמא יקרה, אני. ”

Human Translation:

Dear Mom, you’re my best friend so I wanted to tell you what happened to me exactly two days ago. I wanted to make boiled eggs, but the eggs in my house didn’t seem right. So, I rushed to the nearest supermarket and bought eggs with the money I had. I returned home, made the eggs which I remembered you made once at home, and thank God, I made an amazing shakshuka! The best! Thank you for everything dear Mom, me.

Automatic Translation:

Expensive mom, you’re my best friend and so I wanted to cut you what happened to me stamp two days ago. I wanted to make hard eggs, but the eggs in my house didn’t found grace in my eyes. So I flew fast to the next super basket, bought eggs with the silver that I had, came back home, made the eggs which I remember you used to make at home and peace on Israel, I got bomb shakshuka! End of the way! Thank you for everything expensive mom, I”.

This is a great example of the advantage of human translation, which can transmit the true, original meaning of the words and not just their written meaning.

At DanaTranslators we believe that your marketing materials and products are your face, and that you don’t have a second chance to make an excellent, positive first impression. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a good loyal translation company, one that you can rely on to convey the genuine and original meaning of your materials through the highest standard of translation.

A good, professional human translator can transmit your message in the best possible way to your target audience in their native language. To succeed in achieving this goal, it is critical that the translators doing this work are professional and are familiar with the target audience’s culture in order to help you to convey your message in the best possible way by choosing the right words and phrases.

We, at DanaTranslators.com would be honored to help you with this, and are here for you for any question or need in the translation – transcription – editing world.

Please contact us via the “contact us” page to see how we can help you to achieve your international goal or send us an email to: info@DanaTranslators.com

Best regards,
Dana Rasier

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